FlickerColored Pencil, Watercolor


Medium:  Colored pencil and watercolor

Show:  Image was put on a t-shirt for Pajarito Environmental Education Center, Los Alamos,

Comment:  Flickers, feeding on insects in dead trees,  fly through a forest burned by wildfire. Their very presence gives hope in the blackened landscape.


Banana FrogWatercolor

Banana Frog

Medium:   Watercolor

Comment: There is always one picture that you look back on and find that it encouraged you to keep going.  I studied reptiles and amphibians as a biologist and frogs became my special fascination.  I was really amazed at how small these creatures are.

The Beast Overlooking the BeautyArt Quilts

The Beast Overlooking the Beauty

Medium:  Fabric and acrylic

Dimension:  28-inch x 34-inch

Show: Fuller Lodge Art Center:  The Beauty in the Beast February 24 to March 31, 2012.

Comment:  These nimble and agile animals fascinate me and when I saw one in the Portland Zoo, it inspired me to do a quilt.  This quilt was placed in an Art Show entitled “The Beauty and the Beast”   at Fuller Lodge Art Center.  I called it “The Beast overlooking the Beauty.”

FoxesColored Pencil, Watercolor


Medium:  Water Color and colored pencil

Show:  Women’s Millennium Show 2000; Espanola Arts Concil and Onate Monument and Visitor Center, Elcalde, March 2000.

Comment:  This is one of my early paintings and one of my first in a show.  It seemed fitting that someone who has the last name Fox and is a biologist should paint a fox.  This painting was on the cover of Kaleidoscope, Los Alamos Monitor, March 2, 2000.

Indian PaintbrushWatercolor

Indian Paintbrush

Medium:  Watercolor

Dimensions: 11-inches x 8.5-inches

Comment:  As a botanist, I love wildflowers.  The Indian paintbrush is one of my favorites.

Thistle and ButterflyWatercolor

Thistle and Butterfly

Medium:  Colored Pencil.

Show:  T-shirt design for Pajarito Environmental Education Center, Los Alamos, NM.

Comment:  In my study of fire ecology, I have been fascinated with the recovery of an area after a conflagration.  Quickly plants emerge and soon insects and birds begin to utilize the area.  This is a native thistle with a swallowtail butterfly found in a burned area.  I am always reminded that new life can arise out of the ashes.



Medium:  Watercolor

Dimension:  22h x 17 w

Comment:  Nothing is more inspiring than watching a small child experience a first.  This painting was of my granddaughter when she first experienced the wet sand on the Oregon beach–the texture, the coolness, and the wetness.  I loved her sense of awe.



Beyond FaithColored Pencil

Beyond Faith

Medium:  Colored Pencil

Dimension:   10h x 12w

Comment:  I gave this small painting to my spiritual director who inspired me to each day find God in my life.

Childhood MemoriesColored Pencil

Childhood Memories

Medium:  Colored Pencil

Dimension: 11h x 14w

Comment:  I did this painting for my sister.  This was her tattered teddy bear she carried around when she was little.  The dog collar was my favorite dog and the book belonged to our grandmother when she was a child.

SadieColored Pencil


Medium:  Colored Pencil

Show:  Part of a individual art show in  the Portal Gallery at Fuller Lodge Art Center , Nature Tales,  2004

Comment:  We used to go to a cabin along Gold Creek in Colorado.  It was a wonderful place to watch wildlife.  Our friends had a dog that loved to watch the chipmunks as they gathered seeds scattered on the window sill.  The chipmunk knew he was safe and the dog loved believing that some way he could disrupt the chipmunk’s life.  But the glass was a barrier between them.

GabbyColored Pencil


Medium: Colored Pencil

Size:  14-inch x 22-inch

Comment:  My daughter had a beagle named Gabby. But when I painted Gabby I was really thinking of my other favorite pets—Tux and Boots.  Both were beagles.  We seemed to be a beagle family.   Tux kept me company when I was ill with rheumatic fever and lonely.  When I grew up my children gave me a beagle we named Boots.  Boots loved to walk and most of all she loved to wander.  Those sad eyes would light up when the leash was brought out and she would jump for joy.

GilbertColored Pencil


Medium: Colored Pencil

Dimensions: 14-inch x 22-inch

Comment:  Gilbert was my daughter’s cat.  I liked his stately and undisturbed way of looking at you

Mouse With LeavesColored Pencil

Mouse With Leaves

Medium: Colored pencil

Dimensions:  8.5-inches x 11- inches

Comment:  During my career as a biologist, I studied many creatures including small mammals.  I used some of these paintings in reports and talks. This is a deer mouse.


Living WaterArt Quilts

Living Water

Medium:  Fabric embellished

Comment:  This old water pump stood in front of my husband’s childhood farmstead.  It has been in two shows.  One was called Inside Out at Fuller Lodge Art Center.  And the other Water, Water at the Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center in Espanola.

Treasures of the SeaArt Quilts

Treasures of the Sea

Medium:  Fabric

Show:  Fuller Lodge Art Center:  Everything Old is New Again.  October 2008

Award:   This quilt won a  third place viewer’s choice award in a show called “Everything that is Old is new Again”

Comment:  Small children and discovering the world make wonderful subjects to illustrate.  This quilt was an outgrowth of seeing my granddaughter picking up shells along the Oregon Beach.

Maple TreeArt Quilts

Maple Tree

Medium: Fabric 

Dimensions: 33-inch x 21-inch

Show:  Four Seasons January 9-Feb 14 2009 Art Center at Fuller Lodge

Comment:  Nothing inspires us more than the beauty of the deciduous trees in the autumn of the year.  This quilt is after a beautiful maple tree that stands in a friend’s yard.   

Night FlightArt Quilts

Night Flight

Medium:  Fabric

Dimensions: 18-inch x 14-inch

Show:  New Mexico Land of Enchantment. Art Center at Fuller Lodge, 2007

Comment:  The Bosque del Apache is one of our favorite places to go in the winter to see wintering sandhill cranes, snow geese , and other wildlife.  Early morning flights from the ponds or the night flight of thousands of birds are always spectacular.

CheyenneColored Pencil


Medium: Colored Pencil

Comment:  Cheyenne was a beautiful dog that lived with my friend, Jean.  I did this drawing of Cheyenne and gave it to Jean, not knowing it was the day after Cheyenne died.  It was a special gift to Jean.

All About AnimalsArt Quilts

All About Animals

Medium:  Fabric

Dimensions: 12-inch x 8-inch

Show:  Affordable Arts, 2003.

Comment:  This was a toddler cloth book that I created with my drawings and fabric.  One was sold to someone going to Australia.  Another mother, who bought the book, said her child loved looking at the animals and she learned to count using the book.

Out of the AshesArt Quilts

Out of the Ashes


Show:  Shown for remembering the 2000 Cerro Grande fire, Fuller Lodge Art Center, 2010

Comment:  Study fire and the recovery of a forest after fire inspired this quilt.  In the year, 2000 the Cerro Grande fire burned into Los Alamos leaving the forest black.  However soon new life began to emerge out of the ashes.

SoaringArt Quilts


Medium: Fabric

Show:  Kenesis, Fuller Lodge Art Center, July 8-August 13, 2011.

Comment:  My challenge was to make something out of fabric that would look like it could fly.  This is my version of a redtailed hawk.  When hung from the chain switch of a rotating ceiling fan, this little guy flies.

BluebirdsArt Quilts


Medium:  Fabric

Dimensions:  45 inches x 27 inches

Show: Everything Flies, Art Center at Fuller Lodge, 2004

Comment:  After fire, birds such as the bluebird use snags.  In this quilt, I tried to capture some of the observations of them feeding their young.

Under the Sunny SunflowersArt Quilts, Colored Pencil, Watercolor

Under the Sunny Sunflowers

Medium:  Fabric, watercolor, colored pencil

Dimensions: 8.5 inches x 11 inches

Show:  Two children’s books written and illustrated were put in the show at Fuller Lodge Art Center entitled “Inner Child”, January 7-February 19, 2011

Comment:  This is a children’s book written by my daughter, Alison Carlisi with my illustrations.  The plot is that a small boy is listening to his mother read when he falls asleep.  In his dreams he becomes very small and has all sorts of adventures in the garden.  As a mighty knight he battles snapdragons, helps a grasshopper, and eats yummy strawberries.  The cover is in fabric.



Medium:  Watercolor

Comment:  I wanted to see if I could capture the animal’s essence.  This was an early painting in the 1990s.  I gave it to a student that I was mentoring.  I learned capturing the eyes makes all the difference.

Pacific CityArt Quilts

Pacific City

Medium:  Fabric

Dimensions: 36-inch x 24-inch

Show:  Water, Water, Northern New Mexico Region Art Center, Espanola, NM, June 2010

Comment:  We love to go to the Oregon Coast for family reunions.  In the 1980s we ended up in Pacific City.  The Boats were floating on the water.

Enchanted New MexicoArt Quilts

Enchanted New Mexico

Medium:  Fabric and photography

Show:  Enchanted New Mexico, Art Center at Fuller Lodge

Comments: New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment. One of the most interesting and inspiring spots is the Bosque del Apache. The flights of the sand hill cranes and snow geese at sunrise and sunset are breathtaking.  This quilt tries to represent that experience.

WildflowerArt Quilts


Medium: Fabric

Show:  This was a demonstration piece for a workshop at Pajarito Environmental Education Center entitled: Depicting Flowers in Fabric.

Comments: In this workshop, we challenged participants to take their favorite flowers and depict them with fabric.  The creative outcome was stunning.

Southwestern BeautyArt Quilts

Southwestern Beauty

Medium:  Fabric, embroidery, acrylics

Comments: When the walking stick cactus blooms in the high deserts of New Mexico, the flowers brighten the landscape. This piece was done to challenge myself to use paints to get depth and to enrich the colors. The stamens of the flower are French knots that give texture and depth.