Terry Foxx

A Little About Myself

I am an ecologist, writer, artist, and storyteller.  These interests support each other in my understanding of the world around us.  Science and art have the same roots—observation.  In the science of ecology, we try to prove hypotheses related to ecological principles and what we observe.  In art, I use pencil, pen, brush, or needle and thread to document observations to express how I feel or what I see.  Stories written and told orally are means for me to express my sense of awe and wonder that I find in nature and the world around me.

Workshops, Classes, Talks, Storytelling

WILDFLOWER CLASSES:  I have experience in teaching classes in wildflower identification to the novice wildflower enthusiast.  Classes have been at the College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM, University of New Mexico, Los Alamos branch, Pajarito Environmental Education Center, and Ghost Ranch.

NATURE JOURNALING:  I have taught journaling classes to both adult and children.  Nature or travel journals provide a means of documenting observations and memories.

QUILTING:   I like to express my love of nature through my quilts.  Textures and patterns in quilts can help express a sense of wonder about patterns or specific images in nature.  I have taught classes about depicting flowers and birds in quilts.  Although I have done traditional quilts, I prefer art quilting.

FIRE ECOLOGY:  Much of my career was in studying the recovery of the landscape after fire.  I have given many talks related to fire ecology and forest recovery after fire in Los Alamos and other communities.  Since our community has been impacted by wildfire a number of times, I have given talks about the grief process that goes along with landscape loss, effect of fire on a community, and the recovery process.

STORYTELLING:  I use storytelling in classrooms, sermons, workshops, and retreats.  I prefer small groups such as individual classrooms where the teaching element of storytelling can be further expressed.  The purpose of my storytelling is to connect people with nature and all that is around them.

LITURGICAL QUILTS and RETABLOS:  I like to depict spiritual images through quilting and retablo painting.

SHOWS:  My artwork has been shown at Fuller Lodge Art Center, Los Alamos, Northern New Mexico Art Center in Espanola, and La Mesa Public Library, Los Alamos, Los Alamos Historical Museum, Los Alamos.


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