A Walk to the Overlook: In Remembrance of Dorothy Hoard

Alligator Juniper

My friend of 45 years, Dorothy Hoard, recently passed away.  Before her death, we used to teach classes and lead hikes together.  As part of my friend’s Celebration of Life a walk to Tyuonyi Overlook was offered.  For those that could not do the hike, here are some of the pictures and discussion about plants of the area.   (Click here for pictures.)

When Dorothy and I would teach classes or lead hikes, we would go out the day before and make a flyer about what people would see.  In that spirit, I walked the trail for that sense of discovery. Though nothing was blooming, there is a lot to see. Dorothy and I always wanted to help people see what was around them. So here are some of her drawing and my photographs to help you enjoy this hike. The drawings are from Flowers of the Southwestern Woodlands by Foxx and Hoard. The lopping and and scattering along the trail is part of 5,000 acres treated in a Ecological Restoration Program between 2007 and 2010.

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