I use storytelling in classrooms, sermons, workshops, and retreats. I prefer small groups such as individual classrooms where the teaching element of storytelling can be further expressed. The purpose of my storytelling is to connect people with nature and all that is around them.

Storytelling Events and Workshops

Romero Cabin
Romero Cabin

Title: Romero Cabin and Homesteading

Audience:  Adults and Children

Place:  Romero Cabin, Los Alamos Historical Museum

Comments:  This was a special presentation by the Los Alamos Historical Museum.  The stories were told on the lawn in front of the cabin.  There were stories about surviving in the homestead years, sheep and various animals, and what life was like in an isolated environment.

Eli color
Eli the Eagle

Audience: Children

Place:  Various

Comment: I have several puppets but Eli the Eagle is my favorite. I like to use him when I am doing environmental storytelling.  I tuck a picture of a baby eagle into his bag and we show his baby picture.  We talk about eagles and where they live.  Eli comes with a heart on a string.

He comes from Amaze Healing Wings Puppets.  Their story is that he has a broken wing and can be used to minister to children who have been abused or neglected

Pinon 4th grade2
Storytelling in the classroom

Audience:  School age children

Place:  Various

Comment: I prefer to tell stories to classrooms of school children. Depending on the request by the teacher the stories may be about the environment, behaviors, or specific requested stories.

Under the Sunny Sunflower
Under the Sunny Sunflower
under the Sunny Sunflower

Audience:  School age children

Place:  Los Alamos Historical Museum

Comment:  This was a special storytelling event associated with activities put on by the Los Alamos Historical Museum.  Here I am telling a story written for my grandson by my daughter, illustrated by me called “Under the Sunny Sunflower.”

Art of Biblical Storytelling
Art of Biblical Storytelling

Title:  Art Of Biblical Storytelling

Audience:  Adults

Place:  Bloomfield United Methodist Church, Bloomfield, NM  January, 2014

Comment:  Christians are called people of the story. As a people of the story we gather together to remember God’s stories. We enact them in our liturgy. They are told through our scripture.  We tell them and retell them, for they remind us who God is and what God has done and is doing. They help us understand who we are; they define our sense of identity. They give a sense of what we should be doing, our call and our mission. They are a bridge between God and our self and between our self and others.

This workshop is interactive. Through lecture, discussion, and storytelling you will learn how stories and storytelling can enhance a worship service, Sunday school, retreats, and gatherings. The interactive nature of the workshop will give you an opportunity to try your skill at communicating through storytelling.

Fearless Girls Wise Women Beloved Friends
Fearless Girls Wise Women Beloved Friends

Title: Fearless Girls, Wise Women, Beloved Friends: A Mother Daughter Workshop.

Audience:  Mothers, daughters, and women friends

Place:  White Rock United Methodist Church, Glorieta Baptist Assembly, 2006

Comment: Retreats that were designed to uplift and celebrate the spiritual lives of women.   The title comes from a book written by Kathleen Ragan.  In this workshop, Mothers and Daughters share their joys, concerns, and experiences with each other.  Stories of Biblical women, women in folktales, and personal stories of women help the medications and discussions.




flower quilt
Depicting Flowers in Fabric workshop

 Type of Workshop:  Sewing, Fabric Art

Title:  Depicting Flowers In Fabric – Taught by Teralene Foxx and Katy Korkos, Los Alamos, NM

Audience: Adults

Place:  Pajarito Environmental Education Center.

Comment: In this class, we explored how to depict wildflowers in fabric.

Depicting Birds in Fabric
Depicting Birds in Fabric

Type of Workshop:  Sewing, Fabric Art

Title:  Depicting Birds In Fabric –  Taught by Teralene Foxx and Katy Korkos

Audience: Adults

Place:   Pajarito Environmental Education Center, 2010

Comment:  In this class, we explored how to depict birds and other wildlife in fabric.

Using Up and Making Do
Using Up and Making Do

Type of Workshop: Sewing, Fabric Art

Title:  Using Up And Making Do – Taught by Teralene Foxx, Katy Korkos

Audience:  Adults

Place:  Pajarito Environmental Education Center, 2009

Comment: In this class we explored how we can reuse, recycle, upcycle various items and make them into something usable.

Nature Journal
Exploring the World Travel and Nature Journals

Type of Workshop:  Journal

Title:  Exploring The World Travel And Nature Journals – Taught by Teralene Foxx, Katy Korkos, and Fairley Barnes.

Audience:  Taught both to adults and children .

Place:  Pajarito Environmental Education Center  (2011, 2013)

Comment:  Many of us are looking for ways to connect with our world through travel or simply observing nature around us.  Traveling, we pack our suit case with a notebook intended to be a journal.  The first one or two nights we are judicious in writing notes, then life overtakes us, and we come home with a blank notebook.  Or we go on a walk, something catches our eye, and we want to remember. But we say to ourselves “I’m not an artist” and we tuck the experience away in memory that soon fades.

But there is another way to record our explorations beyond tucking them into memory. We share ways to record observations, feelings, and experiences in a variety of journal types that are simple, easily done, and don’t require a mastery of art.  These methods provide a memorable, fun, and satisfying record of travel or nature experiences.



Los Alamos: Now and Then

Type: Talk and Display

Title: Los Alamos: Then and Now

Audience:  Adults

Place:  Los Alamos Historical Museum, 2013

Comments:  During April and May of 2012, the Historical Museum had a display on the changing landscape from the 1800 to the present.  Along with that display I gave a talk about the changes.


Type:  Talk

Title:  Ravens

Audience:  Adults primarily, some children

Place:  Pajarito Environmental Education Center

Comment:  In June of 2013, this talk was presented as part of a PBS Science Café.  It was repeated in January 2014 as a program talk at the Nature Center.  In the talk, we discussed the relationship ravens have had to cultures of the world, specifics about ravens, and stories generated by various cultures.

Out of the Ashes
Out of the Ashes

Type:  Talk

Titles:  Out Of The Ashes
                 Forest and the Fire
 La Mesa Fire

Audience: Adults and Children

Place:  This talk has been given in schools, at the Nature Center, for the Audubon Society, Native Plant Society and other.

Comments:  For 37 years, I studied the influence of fire on the ecosystem.  This talk incorporates some of my understanding and findings through the study of fire and ecosystem recover after fire on the Pajarito Plateau.

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